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Control the game rhythm

Identify more opportunities in advance

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The science behind IntelliGym®


A controlled study by the VU Amsterdam scientists on elite football academy players showed the following results:

  1. Transition game was improved by 12.5% within only 15 training sessions
  2. Off-ball movement and positioning was improved by 56%
  3. On-field decision making was improved by 27%

Study Structure

  • Elite football clubs from Germany, Netherlands and Austria took part in the Football IntelliGym® pilot. Scientists from VU university of Amsterdam studied deeply four of those football teams of ages U14, U15, U16 and U17.
  • Each team was divided into two. One half used the Football IntelliGym® while the other half (control group) trained in a different football related task.
  • Pre-and post-intervention, game intelligence performance on-field, were measured by VU university scientists.


"As a goalkeeper the play begins with you. Game intelligence is key. IntelliGym has made me a better player and allowed me to see plays developing in ways I did not before."

Tobias Duffner

Goalkeeper, Werder Bremen U23
"We're always looking for an edge. IntelliGym embodies that. We've seen great results from the program and it aligns perfectly with our philosophy on football. As a result of training with IntelliGym players at our club are better at identifying opportunities before they happen and exploiting them at the right moment"

Marijn Beuker

Head of Performance & Development, AZ Alkmaar
"Our experience with IntelliGym has been very positive. We have seen promising results and are now implementing the program across more teams at PSV."

Luc van Agt

Sport physiologist, PSV Football and KNVB

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