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Significantly Better On-Field Performance
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The Soccer IntelliGym® is a comprehensive and adaptive cognitive training program for athletes that significantly enhances Soccer IQ and improves on-field performance by strengthening cognitive skills including anticipation, awareness, decision making, and focus.

Cognitive training is a critical tool in complete athlete development in addition to physical, technical, and strategic training. Athletes who train their brains are quicker, sharper, and more relaxed under pressure, enabling them to elevate their performance when it matters most.

  • Heighten awareness and peripheral vision
    See more teammates and opponents on the field

  • Increase anticipation and see open spaces
    Recognize advantages and kickstart transitions

  • Improve decision-making under pressure
    Know what to do with the ball before receiving it

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The Science Behind IntelliGym®

Elite soccer clubs and development academies from Germany, Netherlands, and Austria took part in the Soccer IntelliGym® pilot program and research study. Scientists from VU University of Amsterdam and German Sport University studied soccer teams from ages U14 to U17. Performance on the field was measured before and after training with the IntelliGym® and compared to a control group who underwent a different training program. Results were measured using a method called Notation Analysis System which enabled post-session video analysis to compare key parameters before and after training.

The IntelliGym® group saw significant improvements in both on-ball and off-ball movements, including transitions, passing, and positioning. These benefits have been seen by thousands of other athletes and teams across North America and Europe.

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We’re always looking for an edge. IntelliGym embodies that. We’ve seen great results from the program and it aligns perfectly with our philosophy on soccer. As a result of training with IntelliGym players at our club are better at identifying opportunities before they happen and exploiting them at the right moment.


Our experience with IntelliGym has been overwhelmingly positive. We have seen great results and are now implementing the program across more teams at PSV.

As a goalkeeper the play begins with you. IntelliGym helped me see and exploit opportunities before they happened. I saw the game developing in new and different ways after training with IntelliGym, this tool definitely helped my game

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Enhance Your Soccer Sense

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