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About the Football (Soccer) IntelliGym

Yes. While video games were designed for fun, the IntelliGym is a training system with the sole purpose of improving game-intelligence skills of footballers. The IntelliGym is based on solid scientific body of research and field studies that substantiate its efficacy.
This product cognitively simulates the game in real time at your home computer, but there is no storyboard and no fantasy graphics; the goal is to integrate the details of the game into a player’s barest attention, until anticipating plays becomes a deep instinct. Most importantly, the program is individually tailored to each player’s strengths, weaknesses and learning curves.

IntelliGym trainees usually experience significantly better on-field performance after 8-10 training sessions (approximately 4-5 weeks of training).

The Football (Soccer) IntelliGym was designed and extensively tested for the development of football-related cognitive skills. That said, many of the skills addressed by the IntelliGym have a bearing on other aspects of life such as studying or driving and indeed we received many testimonials trainees who improve study performance etc. However, these results have not been scientifically tested and validated, and therefore we do not make any corresponding claims or recommendations.


Online, via our online store. Once an order is placed, the license and related user account/s are created and access details are sent via mail. The trainees then download and launch the IntelliGym on their computers.
The IntelliGym license is sold for a 12-months period, and it is pre-paid for the whole year.
A 60-days money back guarantee applies for this plan.

At least 4-5 weeks are needed to see initial on-field results. Therefore, our 60-days money back guarantee allows users to complete the training activity without any risk. If you have tested the product and you are not fully satisfied, for whatever reason – a full refund is guaranteed.

Yes. Details and pricing are listed in the Store’s team page.

On top of the checkout page you will be asked to fill-in the details of the coupon code. Once this info is provided, your order amount will be discounted.

IntelliGym Training and Recommended Regimen

The IntelliGym is tested and found effective for players all the way from 10 years old and up to juniors and professionals. We also have many adult amateurs who are using the program successfully. The IntelliGym is used by both male and female footballers.

No. The IntelliGym has been shown to improve performance at all levels – a trainee who has his fundamentals in place will benefit, as will athletes at the professional level.

The training data is collected on the IntelliGym servers and is available for the athlete and parent / coach by downloading our IntelliGym monitoring app. It is available on the Play store (Android) and App store (IOS) or you can search for Football IntelliGym Monitor.
You can log into your Football IntelliGym Monitor with you existing Football IntelliGym username and password.

The IntelliGym is part of a player’s ongoing training regimen, just like training in the gym. As long as an athlete works with it, his decision-making skills will be maintained and further improved.

The recommended training regimen is 2 training sessions a week. Once completing a training session, it is important to wait at least 48 hours before launching the next session.

IntelliGym Installation and Operation

The Football IntelliGym is a downloadable program. Once the order is placed, we will provide you with the web address for downloading the program, as well as your activation code. The program can be installed and launched instantly, on one or more computers.

Launch the Football IntelliGym program, press the “forgot?” button in the Login screen and follow the instructions.

Yes. Since the account details are stored on the IntelliGym server, the user can sign in from any computer using the assigned username and password.
Please note that while the number of installations in unlimited, activating a user account is done only once. Therefore, if you have already activated your account on one computer and now you want to re-install (on the same or other computer), simply skip the activation process and log in using your existing username and password. This way you will be able to pick up the training on the new installation from where you left off.

Technical Info

The IntelliGym is compatible with a large variety of personal computers with standard operating systems (Windows, Mac). The system requirements are as follows:


  • Operating system: Microsoft® Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Classic or Windows 10
  • Processor: i3-2xxx 1.4GHz (2nd generation) or equivalent (minimum PassMark score: 1700)
  • Memory: 4GB of RAM
  • GPU: HD Graphics 3000


  • Operating system: Mac OS X Yosemite – version 10.10
  • Processor: Intel Core™ Duo 1.83GHz
  • Memory: 4GB of RAM

No. For optimal training results, the Football IntelliGym requires a standardized platform and therefore it is designed for personal computers with a standard keyboard and mouse.

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